SH Labels

These labels are meant to be used by content creators to indicate their wishes. If you are an archivist or academic looking to apply labels, check out SH-A Labels.

The labels are designed in the motif of the community garden, with visual imagery to remind us to foster our online communities by caring for the people behind the content and helping them thrive.

Consent Granted

Creator consents to use of this material.

Status: DRAFT

Delay Access

Creator wants access delayed.

Status: DRAFT

Expire Access

Creator wants access to expire.

Status: DRAFT

Remove Location

Creator wants location data removed.

Status: DRAFT

Remove Network

Creator wants network connections removed.

Status: DRAFT

Remove Media

Creator wants images and video removed.

Status: DRAFT

Anonymize Me

Creator wants to be anonymized.

Status: DRAFT

Credit Me

Creator wants to be credited in publications.

Status: DRAFT

These labels are in DRAFT form and are open for comment and suggestions. Please contact for comments or to nominate a new label.