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  2. Join us today for a conversation on social media archiving. We want to hear about your work. #DocNowCommunity https://t.co/M7un7nOiQm
    Join us today for a conversation on social media archiving. We want to hear about your work. #DocNowCommunity pic.twitter.com/M7un7nOiQm
  3. Thanks for joining us today. Make sure to use #DocNowCommunity so we can track the convo and use A1, A2, etc, as you reply to questions.
  4. This will be a general conversation today about social media archiving but we hope to have more focused chats in the future #DocNowCommunity
  5. We got started by letting participants introduce themselves if they wanted to.

  6. Also, tell us a bit about yourself and where you’re joining us from if you don’t mind sharing. #DocNowCommunity
  7. Hello, #DocNowCommunity! I'm Sam. I'm currently working on a web + social media archiving project at the Wisconsin-Archives.
  8. Hi #DocNowCommunity! I'm Melissa, special collections librarian @cwru in Cleveland, OH.
  9. Hi #DocNowCommunity - archivist & PhD student at UMD, currently on here from A2. Hoping to bring lessons to work in special collections.
  10. I'm Bergis Jules and I'll be posting the questions today. Archivist at @ucrlibraries. Working on @documentnow project. #docnowcommunity
  11. Hi #DocNowCommunity, I'm on the advisory board and tuning in from Mexico City today!
  12. Hey #DocnowCommunity, I'm Senior Digital Archivist at @UKParlArchives. I'm responsible for our web archive programme.
  13. Hi #DocNowCommunity I'm Kate, academic archivist in Denver. Hoping to bring more sj documentation to my practice, at mpow and in community.
  14. Hi #docnowcommunity, I'm the university archivist @GWUArchives, and I'm one of the people working on the @SocialFeedMgr project
  15. Hi #DocNowCommunity, I'm at George Washington University in DC and work on the Social Feed Manager project  http://go.gwu.edu/sfm 
  16. @documentnow SFM is open source software 4 building social media collections from many platforms  http://go.gwu.edu/sfm  #DocNowCommunity
  17. Hello #docnowcommunity - I'm an archivist in SW Virginia and I follow along on Slack. Very interested in seeing this project evolve.
  18. Hi #DocNowCommunity - I'm Bert, from @AVPreserve. I designed & taught a web and social media archives course for UW-Madison.
  19. #DocNowCommunity Film/video archivist. Many types of content/formats including 10 years documenting police and army in U.S. and N. Ireland.
  20. Hi #docnowcommunity! I'm the digital curator at Harvard law school. Did some archiving of #reclaimharvardlaw this year - mostly blogs though
  21. Hi #DocNowCommunity, I am stacey, digital archivist at @Beloit_College and instructor with the @digitalPOWRR project.
  22. Desiree Jones-Smith with the @documentnow team. I am excited to join the conversation #DocNowCommunity.

  23. Q1: Tell us about some of the social media archives you're building right now and why. Also, subjects? Concerns?

  24. Q1. Tell us about some of the social media archives you’re building right now and why. Also, subjects? Concerns? #DocNowCommunity
  25. .@documentnow Neither currently has plan for non-public data other than university records, so that's a barrier #DocNowCommunity
  26. A1: currently none- but interested in social media archival discovery on a nat'l level & how they can be contextualized #DocnowCommunity
  27. @documentnow they're something I'm thinking about. i'd like @dpla or another initiative to help w/ discovery, access, use, & interpretation
  28. A1 Next: reach out to student body, get dialogue started abt social media in University Archives - will they be down? #DocNowCommunity
  29. #docnowcommunity I'll throw out a question: what will we as a society lose if we fail to document the now?
  30. @theucrlibrarian I work in gov't. Appreciative of libs archiving content outside of gov't mandate! (i.e. floor sit-in) #DocNowCommunity
  31. #docnowcommunity Traditional archivists freq cite 4% as percent of daily communications having longterm value. Does this apply to soc media?
  32. @theucrlibrarian #docnowcommunity If so, how do we do archival appraisal on social media? What strategies will we employ?
  33. @theucrlibrarian Not sure. Think it depends on what you're collecting about? What do others think? #DocNowCommunity
  34. @documentnow @theucrlibrarian i think appraisal should consider the varied voices, not just the "most popular", definitely #docnowcommunity
  35. Q1 We use Archive-It for social media pages of groups related to official & unoff campus groups; mostly FB, Twitter, blogs #DocNowCommunity
  36. All social media archives at mpow are off. university record. Would love to work w comm orgs also. #DocNowCommunity  https://twitter.com/documentnow/status/753665765220376576 
  37. Q1 We try to capture the wide-ranging work, interests, efforts of students, fac, and staff without intruding #DocNowCommunity
  38. In order to mitigate some of my fears, I've been meeting one-on-one with students involved in #therealuw movement. #docnowcommunity
  39. @sabramse Nice. Are you... cold calling? What kinds of reactions so far? #DocNowCommunity
  40. @amelish I've also met with people who are not interested, and we respect that. #DocNowCommunity
  41. @sabramse @amelish the right to be forgotten is just as strong as the archival social imperative to be included #docnowcommunity
  42. @fromADMwithlove @sabramse Yup. About what I would expect tbh. Do you feel confident in project goals being understood? #DocNowCommunity
  43. @sabramse (bc I'm not 100$ confident I could adequately explain, anticipate & answer questions, understand the issues...) #DocNowCommunity
  44. @sabramse ahaha derp that's *100%* but for 100$ what I couldn't do #DocNowCommunity
  45. .@documentnow It started on Twitter, and morphed into more — art exhibit, student walk-outs, a visual campaign.
  46. .@documentnow We're collecting the Tweets, webpages, and starting an oral history collection w/r/t #therealuw.
  47. .@documentnow #therealuw was started by Wisconsin students to draw attention to / protest racism on campus.
  48. .@documentnow It started on Twitter, and morphed into more — art exhibit, student walk-outs, a visual campaign.
  49. @amelish @fromADMwithlove Sometimes. I've met with people who totally get it, and people who looked at me and said, "What's an archive?"
  50. @sabramse There is that. Okay, so we're talking layers of elevator pitch. Good to know.
  51. Curious who else is teaching in this area, and how it's working for you! #DocNowCommunity
  52. I'm very interested in ethics of documenting online speech, making sure tools are multilingual, user-friendly outside US #DocNowCommunity
  53. A1: none, but @XFR_collective has been working w/ social change-oriented oral historians re: this and related questions #DocNowCommunity
  54. A1: I'm also concerned about college's use of Snapchat w/ Admissions, replacing other things that aren't easily documented #DocNowCommunity

  55. Q2: What are barriers to you doing social media archiving? Tools? Technical know how? Institutional priorities? Cost?

  56. Q2. What are barriers to you doing social media archiving? Tools? Technical know how? Institutional priorities? Cost? #DocNowCommunity
  57. eriratansey: A2 Seriously not trying to be a smart aleck, but all of the above #DocNowCommunity  https://twitter.com/eiratansey/status/753668830199775232 
  58. eiratansey: @documentnow A free (GUI or beginner-friendly CLI)tool that I could "set and forget" I know this is a unicorn!! #DocNowCommunity  https://twitter.com/eiratansey/status/753669402332135424 
  59. eiratansey: @fromADMwithlove mostly twarc and webrecorder.io since I don't have dedicated $ for Archive-It.  https://twitter.com/eiratansey/status/753669547350224896 
  60. @eiratansey we are very interested in how to make docnow work with a variety of web archiving tools for this reason #docnowcommunity
  61. Cosign @eiratansey 4 ppl from archives, preservation, tech meet reg to review Archive-It work. That's our strategy. #DocNowCommunity
  62. #DocNowCommunity A2: As we collaborate w/ other institutions building collections w/ @SocialFeedMgr, Twitter's terms of service are barrier.
  63. Haven't collected xcpt pub, off. uni accounts partly bc of ethical concerns re coll w/out permiss. #DocNowCommunity  https://twitter.com/documentnow/status/753665765220376576 
  64. @kcrowe are you considering an outreach approach to gather other social media archive sets? #docnowcommunity
  65. @fromADMwithlove def! Until v recently, if anything needed to happen re: outreach I needed to "fit it in" solo. Spoiler: that didn't happen!
  66. A2. One roadblock currently is we have a strong focus on Twitter data and limited toolsets for other Social Media sites @documentnow
  67. @documentnow A2: Lack of stewardship standards for handling containers/executables! (like WARC files) #DocNowCommunity
  68. A2 I would add people, specifically me and my personal blind spots #DocNowCommunity
  69. A2. For institution: priorities, time. We're just getting started with web archives. No one has had time to dig into social #DocNowCommunity
  70. Q2 #DocNowCommunity also this is implied in your question but has to be said: money
  71. .@kcrowe are you using ArchiveIt to archive social media at all? #DocNowCommunity
  72. Same as w phys records (+time to lrn/eval unfam tech)-time to dedicate to coll dev in small shop. #DocNowCommunity  https://twitter.com/documentnow/status/753668250777419777 
  73. @kcrowe can't help that there aren't set guidelines for appraisal, pres, publication, etc. hard enough when there are! #docnowcommunity
  74. A2 Maybe I convince my org to collect social media, but I'm just one (odd) person and am bound to overlook ___ #DocNowCommunity
  75. waiting on bureaucracy for archive-it account but planning for that when it gets here. Interested in student voices. #docnowcommunity
  76. A2: other than scope of work? legal issues - terms of service and IP/privacy rights. #DocNowCommunity
  77. A2. Bureaucracy, staff time, inability to replace current work w/new work, paralyzed by ethical considerations. #docnowcommunity
  78. A2. Tools not so much, although development should be continual, nothing perfect out there. #docnowcommunity
  79. A2: Ethical issues -how to collect materials from students without making them feel under a microscope,discouraging sharing #DocNowCommunity
  80. A2: Time and education. It's hard to convince traditionalists that we are losing valuable information by neglecting this #DocNowCommunity

  81. Q3: What would be your top concerns if you found out your tweets were being archived?

  82. Q3. What would be your top concerns if you found out your tweets were being archived? #DocNowCommunity
  83. A3 (cont) it depends. :) a conversation about is more likely to lead me to a positive response @documentnow #DocNowCommunity
  84. @fromADMwithlove @documentnow probably - i'm curious about how opt-outs done after collection would play out specifically #DocNowCommunity
  85. @anarchivist @documentnow Definitely - are they truly removed, or subsetted? what if opt out comes after a publication? #docnowcommunity
  86. A3. By whom and with what agenda? Social data seems easy to manipulate, I'd worry about authenticity. #DocNowCommunity
  87. A3. For what reason is someone collecting them? How will they be used? #DocNowCommunity
  88. @documentnow Any, really, short of financial gain. My tweets are public, and I am aware of that when I create them. #DocNowCommunity
  89. @bertramlyons @documentnow Agree, but how aware would the wider public be? Not so sure myself... #DocNowCommunity
  90. @bertramlyons @documentnow This is how I feel too, as many who are aware of public identity and how they use twitter #docnowcommunity
  91. #DocNowCommunity Q3. Loss of context, loss of personal control, the (potential) inability to revoke access to content later in life.
  92. A3. Context of tweets, include both temporal & specific thread context #DocNowCommunity
  93. Q3 #DocNowCommunity a general fear of surveillance. which i realize is crazy since tweets are public info. but context is important
  94. Currently lurking on #DocNowCommunity. Lots of interesting insight, even though I don't (currently) deal directly w/digital mat's.
  95. #DocNowCommunity A3. I would worry about losing the context of my tweets, especially those using replies and hashtags.
  96. . @BergisJules yes- I'm even a little uncomfortable to have a tweet used in an article, in case it's taken out of context #DocNowCommunity
  97. + As w/everything digital but perhaps particularly Twitter, understanding the platform (140-character limit) is crucial. #DocNowCommunity
  98. Q3. I wouldn't have any particular concerns, which I recognize makes me an outlier #DocNowCommunity
  99. @save4use me either, but I think this comes with being archivists & understanding what "public" means long-term #docnowcommunity
  100. A3: @documentnow Truthfully: Would prefer not to document pre-adult life choices on social media
  101. Q3 Feeling of "blown cover" even tho #twitter; lack of timeline context: what, when, where; who's using & to what end #DocNowCommunity
  102. Am likely naive but have v few-I'm in pos of maj priv, white cishet, gainfully employed as faculty. #DocNowCommunity  https://twitter.com/documentnow/status/753670415218724865 
  103. Late to the #DocNowCommunity party, catching up now. A3 deletion, what is archivists standard of diligence re: what creators want preserved
  104. Q3 How classical social media archiving works (as datastream) is very much removing context unfortunately. #DocNowCommunity
  105. @despens the real context problem is something different - content moving from, say, twitter to a neo-nazi blog #DocNowCommunity
  106. @michael_connor Social media as "data" is constructed as a record with clear provenance, when it is not how it was produced #DocNowCommunity
  107. @despens How do we improve capturing context with the tools and resources currently avaliable? #DocNowCommunity
  108. eiratansey: A3 once had a public FB post end up on reddit w/ ppl going "lol this lady" (but ...meaner). It sucked but what could I do? #DocNowCommunity
  109. eiratansey: @fromADMwithlove yeah, from a business's public FB page. without redacting my very google-able name and including details about my job  https://twitter.com/eiratansey/status/753671985746550784 
  110. @eiratansey Sorry you went through that - I also have a unique name and think about this constantly in digital presence #docnowcommunity
  111. eiratansey: @fromADMwithlove thanks. it wound down after a few days but it really sucked and made me feel unsafe while it was unfolding #DocNowCommunity  https://twitter.com/eiratansey/status/753673481632571392 
  112. Q3 #DocNowCommunity Concur w/issues others raised re: surveillance, context, authenticity. Possibility to facilitate state actors who troll.

  113. Q4: What are some ethical concerns with collection, long term preservation, or providing access to social media archives?

  114. Q4. What are some ethical concerns with collection, long term preservation, or providing access to social media archives? #DocNowCommunity
  115. A4. Surveillance & intimidation of activists by the state. I don’t want to build archives that can support those activities #DocNowCommunity
  116. A4. Been thinking abt accountability. Twitter users saved Mark Hughes last week, but archives would show him as suspect #DocNowCommunity
  117. @melissa_hubbard What seems like a reasonable amount of accountability to you? Removal? Annotation? (who does these things?)
  118. @melissa_hubbard @MegDaLibrarian it looks like both of you find context key. Can you provide an example of appropriate context?
  119. @dpjones1983 @melissa_hubbard Web Twitter w/clickable hashtags and expandable threads of replies provides context at time of creation.
  120. @dpjones1983 @melissa_hubbard I kind of think of it like link rot (which is also an issue, especially w/directly tweeted articles & RTs).
  121. @dpjones1983 @melissa_hubbard OTOH, we are ethically obliged to respect private tweets, etc. even when public acct's reply. #DocNowCommunity
  122. @dpjones1983 @MegDaLibrarian Coll. of Mark Hughes-related tweets explaining what happened to him in scope note or similar #DocNowCommunity
  123. .@dpjones1983 Seems like unicorn tool could rm identifiers. :-) Annotation/contextualization much more complex. 1/2 #DocNowCommunity
  124. .@dpjones1983 But also similar to any archival description. Neutrality impossible, but creating context helps. #DocNowCommunity
  125. #DocNowCommunity It's also about context WITHIN a carefully curated profile. I may share something knowing its informed by my other stuff
  126. Q4 You have to match your archiving practice with users' expectations, which can be very diverse. #docnowcommunity
  127. Q4 again, privacy. I feel like Twitter TOS looms to the point of obscuring other considerations about what to capture #DocNowCommunity
  128. I guess this could count as A4 too. For instance if someone deletes a tweet long after creation. Should continually check? #DocNowCommunity
  129. @joecar25 Check/remove before each time dataset is used? Or maybe deleted tweets get subsetted for use in aggregate only? #docnowcommunity
  130. @fromADMwithlove @joecar25 Getting into heavy curation of social media data sets, when focus is often on volume, aggregate #DocNowCommunity
  131. @fromADMwithlove @joecar25 another kind of archival work we might struggle to convey to researchers who want ALL THE DATA? #DocNowCommunity
  132. @amelish @fromADMwithlove Indeed but I think removal of deleted tweets could work in bulk on a request basis. #DocNowCommunity
  133. @joecar25 Doable now, right? Also I guess I was assuming heavy demand right away, which is not necessarily so.
  134. A4 it seems like it would be improper to suggest that a tech process could solve these issues or promise invulnerabilty #DocNowCommunity
  135. @amelish Yea, early researcher access possibly means a fuller copy of the data than available in the future. I hadn't thought about that
  136. @amelish @fromADMwithlove Definitely agree that having users understand why part of the dataset was removed is a dif story #DocNowCommunity
  137. @fromADMwithlove Don't think of "data", think of activities, performance, narration. #DocNowCommunity
  138. eiratansey: I always think of @edsu mentioning how a private security firm asked him for his Ferguson tweets #DocNowCommunity  https://twitter.com/eiratansey/status/753673343556055040 
  139. @eiratansey Yes. And recent FBI intimidation of activists like @Nettaaaaaaaa, @samswey, and others ahead of RNC convention #DocNowCommunity
  140. eiratansey: @BergisJules not just the FBI, also random MRA dudes who hate women with opinions online and threaten their safety #DocNowCommunity  https://twitter.com/eiratansey/status/753674673649483776 
  141. @eiratansey @BergisJules does preserving in a coll actually make it worse? Gov't prob has own archive & trolls act quickly #DocNowCommunity
  142. eiratansey: @save4use some people close/delete accts after harassment/doxxing. Having it exist in archive could be a painful reminder #DocNowCommunity  https://twitter.com/eiratansey/status/753677480767131648 
  143. @melissa_hubbard pt 2/2 also removing handle is removing attribution, "stealing voice" etc, from other side of the argument #docnowcommunity
  144. @melissa_hubbard difficult ex: remove handle, but keep full tweet - can still find person through twitter search (p t1/2) #docnowcommunity
  145. Q4 I think a lot about Right To Be Forgotten - publishing in student paper vs online post that's hyper-findable #docnowcommunity
  146. Q4 +But I also ask, what about when students become public figures as adults? Is there a right for *all* to be forgotten? #docnowcommunity
  147. @stephestellar Maybe? But who decides which people are subject to that level of scrutiny?
  148. @MegDaLibrarian Exactly! I tend to go with letting ephemera be ephemera; if they're not good people, they'll likely repeat mistakes publicly
  149. @stephestellar I'm conflicted, because yay right to be forgotten but also yay calling politicians out on problematic deleted tweets.
  150. Q4. As a university archivist, when considering collecting tweets by students, I have to remember I'm a rep of the uni #DocNowCommunity
  151. People won't see me as "an archivist", but as "the university", which as someone else mentioned, can feel oppressive #DocNowCommunity
  152. @save4use this is a good point. We had to be careful during community archiving workshops to emphasize self-autonomy, not "uni takes all"
  153. @save4use uni relationships w/community can be so fraught. Eminent domain issues, private police force, etc. #DocNowCommunity
  154. Also, universities tend to be very risk-averse places, so I have to match that #DocNowCommunity
  155. #docnowcommunity A4. Wonder if ppl would take back consent in the same way they revise their social media histories +
  156. #docnowcommunity A4. + It's the same concept, deciding you don't want content preserved from when you were younger after all
  157. A4 Any process develop to protect vulnerable entities will also protect those in power #DocNowCommunity
  158. @edsu But then that protection gets technically formalized and you will have to make bespoke decisions again #DocNowCommunity
  159. @clancynewyork A tech process to opt in/out of archiving cn help an activist or remove responsibility of an elected offical #DocNowCommunity
  160. Q4 - oh, and accessibility for all. Image descriptions, video transcripts, etc available as needed, if not by default #docnowcommunity

  161. Q5: How do you make appraisal decisions around what hashtags, keywords, or users to collect when building a SM collection?

  162. Q5. How do you make appraisal decisions around what hashtags, keywords, or users to collect when building a SM collection? #DocNowCommunity
  163. A5. We typically ask permission from the creator of a feed that we archive, but not from commenters/likers #DocNowCommunity
  164. A5 no idea - I look forward to hearing what you all at @documentnow have to say about this #DocNowCommunity
  165. @captain_maybe How do you make appraisal decisions now? Do you see those same models working for social media archives? #DocNowCommunity
  166. @documentnow i actually think trad appraisal is problematic, am developing methods to better document marginalized ppl #DocNowCommunity
  167. @captain_maybe I agree. Do you have any pointers to what you are doing in this area? #DocNowCommunity
  168. @documentnow ..+ that seek out documentation abt experiences/ideas of ppl of color, queer/trans ppl, immigrants + others #DocNowCommunity
  169. .@documentnow ..methods that acknowledge subjectivity of appraisal decisions, actively seek 2 hold the powerful accountable #DocNowCommunity
  170. A5: Hashtags are just technical markers, users don't follow rules they don't even. Can only be a starting point. #DocNowCommunity
  171. A5. In the past, we have chosen not to archive feeds in which commenters made significant or personal contributions. #DocNowCommunity
  172. A5. I would love to see tools and methods for getting opt-in consent for archiving group-created sm content #DocNowCommunity
  173. #docnowcommunity Appraisal question triggered by concerns of scale: how to appraise at scale. Algorithms reify social norms and attitudes
  174. @theucrlibrarian Which means have to figure out ways to appraise at scale that don't recapitulate racist or elitist paradigms
  175. A5 IMO appraisal takes being embedded to a certain extent. Anticipating, not just reacting, gets all this closer 2 feasible #DocNowCommunity
  176. .@documentnow Been thinking about this. I'm a white student, documenting a movement started by students of color. I'm not seeing everything.
  177. A5: also, do we let donors make the decisions about the composition & collection of this material? #DocNowCommunity
  178. @documentnow but users are getting savvy about documenting their activities - because traditional media is spotty in telling whole story.
  179. @documentnow Ideally you would have a partnership. Archivists are being proactive & assembling these collections on their own now...
  180. @documentnow Ideally you would have a partnership. Archivists are being proactive & assembling these collections on their own now...
  181. @documentnow but users are getting savvy about documenting their activities - because traditional media is spotty in telling whole story.
  182. @staceyerdman Typically they get a say before they give it to us, but now when we grab without consent :) #docnowcommunity
  183. cazzerson: @fromADMwithlove @staceyerdman But there are a lot of paper materials in archives that were donated by someone other than the creator  https://twitter.com/cazzerson/status/753677057662476288 
  184. A5. I also think there are moments where archiving first (if privately) and asking questions later is warranted #DocNowCommunity
  185. I wonder about collecting at scale, and curating smaller datasets in collaboration with communities being documented #DocNowCommunity
  186. To put it another way: there is a tendency to archive at scale by default, but should it be such a default? #DocNowCommunity
  187. @michael_connor I agree. It kind of begs the question of why something is being archived eh? #DocNowCommunity
  188. A5. One of the biggest appraisal challenges is the sheer speed of social media. Active attention is required. #DocNowCommunity
  189. @melissa_hubbard agreed! especially given the window some of the APIs have for providing access e.g. Twitter #DocNowCommunity
  190. A lot of the work I do stems from one-on-one meetings with students who were / are part of #therealuw, #DocNowCommunity.
  191. It _is_ time consuming, but it is vital, and it is the only way I can hear and advocate for the right voices. #DocNowCommunity
  192. Like @jmddrake says, paraphrased: it's not about collecting; it's about forming relationships, yielding the floor. #DocNowCommunity
  193. Yeah I'm starting to move away from wanting a set it & forget it / rotisserie chicken "solution" #DocNowCommunity  https://twitter.com/sabramse/status/753677108895948804 
  194. Addendum: but only (mostly) because I believe we have the resources! many don't & anyway I can't presume to know #DocNowCommunity
  195. A5 comforting / troubling to know that appraisal = appraisal across media. Same as it ever was #DocNowCommunity  https://twitter.com/fromADMwithlove/status/753676632456441856 
  196. A5 but also dang let's do appraisal better already. if not now, when? #DocNowCommunity
  197. A5. Tough one. Archivist kinda has to be in the community to understand what's most important to capture. #docnowcommunity

  198. Q6: How important is it that DocNow work with other Web archiving tools such as ArchiveIt, WebRecorder, Iterasi, etc?

  199. Q6. How important is it that DocNow work with other Web Archiving tools such as ArchiveIt, WebRecorder, Iterasi, etc? #DocNowCommunity
  200. Please remember to share any links to your work related to this conversation. #DocNowCommunity
  201. @documentnow because they're community-driven, open source tools that aren't afraid to try.
  202. #docnowcommunity A5. I'm sure some use tech to alert them to trending hashtags? Would be nice to have non-archivist community liaisons.
  203. Wondering how to meet needs of future SM archive users: need to know platform context, collection method, deletes, changes #DocNowCommunity
  204. @liblaura The needs of future scholars and changes to dig. culture r difficult to 4c. Technical future is more predictable. #DocNowCommunity
  205. @despens @cazzerson didn't mean to imply anyone was suggesting doing nothing, twitter client problem
  206. @liblaura Keeping options open is the most important thing. Just in time is better vs just in case. #DocNowCommunity
  207. A6 not sure a One Ring solution is the thing to aim for. So much to cover w/o obsessing over every possible integration... #DocNowCommunity
  208. A6 there's scale but what I'm hearing today stresses local contexts so maybe flexible solutions / kludging are realistic #DocNowCommunity

  209. Q7: For those using Twitter data for research, what tools are you using for data collection and analysis?

  210. Q7. For those using twitter data for research, what tools are you using for data collection and analysis? #DocNowCommunity
  211. Ok the hour is almost up so just gonna post one more question and you can keep chatting. #DocNowCommunity
  212. Q8: What are your concerns with documenting social movements through social media archives?

  213. Q8. What are your concerns with documenting social movements through social media archives? #DocNowCommunity
  214. A8 being an outsider is the big big big one because I happen to be an outsider everywhere, so hmm. #DocNowCommunity
  215. A8 being an outsider. balancing community values, personal ethics, org needs... & actually knowing all of the above #DocNowCommunity
  216. This is random but has anyone looked into the effect of bots on hijacking hashtags and changing the makeup of collections? #DocNowCommunity
  217. @joecar25 @documentnow If the bots did invade a conversation they did that and influenced that conversation. #DocNowCommunity
  218. @despens @documentnow True, I guess bot vs. not would be just as evident to future users as long as there's good context #DocNowCommunity
  219. @clancynewyork for non-librarians can you describe private archiving? What is different? #DocNowCommunity
  220. @dpjones1983 Would depend completely on circumstances. [Also, I am not a librarian. ;-) ]
  221. @dpjones1983 Also, I wasn't meaning to be standoffish in my reply. It's a tricky area. Would talk to you about this, but not on Twitter.
  222. @clancynewyork Not standoffish. I have some knowledge of private archives. Just trying to open the convo. I hope that we do talk again.
  223. @dpjones1983 Got it. Thanks. Just acknowledging that I am squeamish about talking about some details because of my past activist history.
  224. Is anyone preserving SM of racist, sexist, anti-LGBTQ conversations? Should we? Arch's collect KKK & others on paper... #DocNowCommunity
  225. Do we need the sexist, racist, etc. voices to understand of what women, other marginalized groups face on the internet? #DocNowCommunity
  226. @MegDaLibrarian @documentnow That should be conserved, just as ads or other things we might deem rubbish #DocNowCommunity
  227. @MegDaLibrarian Maybe? History tends to get sanitized. There may come a time when a reminder of"how bad it was" required. #DocNowCommunity
  228. @dpjones1983 It provides evidence that the abused are telling the truth. Shouldn't be necessary, but even now you come up against disbelief.
  229. .@MegDaLibrarian Creates an accountability issue, too. Evidence of hate group participation can get people fired. #DocNowCommunity
  230. Qs about the ephemerality of critic tweeters, how to collect a sea of anon egg accts @despens @MegDaLibrarian @documentnow #DocNowCommunity
  231. Obv that's also controversial, but is it important to represent the whole picture of social media? Is it just amplifying dangerous voices?
  232. @MegDaLibrarian @documentnow + materials, & the burden to collect this has too long been on the oppressed groups themselves.
  233. @MegDaLibrarian @documentnow also begs the question who collects these? Our ivory towers haven't been great at preserving white supremacist+
  234. A8: loss of context, potential loss of agency of the creators, current & future privacy issues (heirs?), technical pieces. #docnowcommunity
  235. A8: I even wonder about how to even define "community" and "collection" in this decentralized realm? #docnowcommunity
  236. The best thing about #DocNowCommunity is that it sorta feels like @kayiwa and I are working together again. (Among many great things.)
  237. @documentnow because they're community-driven, open source tools that aren't afraid to try.
  238. Thanks to you all. We'll be hosting more of these soon. Check out our medium site for updates. #DocNowCommunity  https://news.docnow.io/