Call for Applications

Community-Based Digital Archives Workshops for Activists

Documenting the Now is accepting applications from US-based social justice activist organizations that would like to benefit from a free community-based digital archives workshop in their city or town in 2020. The workshops will focus on helping activists to develop the skills and to use available tools to collect, preserve, and share their web, social media and other types of digital content in their own digital archive. Our hope is that activist communities, in creating their own archives, will be able to better document their activities, assert a greater level of control over their own narratives, and secure access to digital content that has been safely captured and preserved through methods that will allow that content to be authenticated at a later date for evidentiary, research, or other purposes. As part of the workshop, our trainers will also share knowledge about digital security and surveillance, as these are issues that negatively impact modern day social justice activism. During the workshops, participants will:


Eligibility for the workshops will be limited to organizations that:

  • Advocate for social justice causes affecting the lives of people of color including African Americans, Native Americans, Latinx and other marginalized people such as LGBTQIA, victims of police violence, incarcerated and formerly incarcerated people, immigrants, disabled people, poor people, etc.
  • Use social media, the web and other digital tools such as cell phones, livestreaming technology, etc, in their work whether for communication, advocacy, or organizing.
  • Have an interest in understanding how their social media, web, and other digital content is being collected and who is collecting it.
  • Have an interest in building their own community-based digital archive as a way to document their activism.
  • Are based in the continental United States.


In addition to receiving a free one-day workshop by Documenting the Now trainers, for up to thirty (30) members, each organization will be given a $5,000 stipend. Stipends can be used however the organization deems appropriate, in relation to the workshop, including to incentivize membership to attend or to cover catering costs and staff time.


Our 2019 workshop slots are full. We are currently accepting applications for workshops to be held in 2020. Please submit the application form by July 3, 2019. We will notify you of your application status by October 2019.

Contact Information

If you have any questions please email Bergis Jules, Project Director, at You can also send a Direct Message on Twitter to @documentnow or @bergisjules.