SH-A Labels

These labels are meant to be used by archivists and academics building social media collections.


This account is likely a bot.
Status: DRAFT

New Account

Account created shortly before data collection.
Status: DRAFT

Content Warning

Violent imagery, hate speech, etc.
Status: DRAFT


This account claims to be someone it is not.
Status: DRAFT


Advertising or other irrelevant content.
Status: DRAFT

Community Control

This account has many authors.
Status: DRAFT

Take Care

Take extra care in using this content.
Status: DRAFT

Semi-Private Space

Users did not consider this to be a public statement.
Status: DRAFT

Privileged Information

This content cannot be accessed by all users.
Status: DRAFT

These labels are in DRAFT form and are open for comment and suggestions. Please contact for comments or to nominate a new label.